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“산들바람 불자 들꽃들이 피어나고,

무리 초록 물고기들이 헤엄쳐 지나가고,

노을을 등에 진 새들이 둥지로 날아들고…

나의 작품은 작지만 아름다운 정원을 품고 있다.”


- 금속 공예가 노인아의 작업노트 중에서-

Arise evermore with reminiscence of 

my youth and my experiences in the nature:

An ancient river;

A shade tree;

A river's evening rendezvous with the sunset;

A small kerosene lamp accompanying a deep night's parting;

A lone blossom of an evening primrose somewhere in the prairie;

An everlasting longing;

An old promise;

A small boat's meet with a point on a river bank;

My foot prints along River Kum;

Somehow a wider sky from the river-shore;

A silent man's realization of grief;

A river soaked in a spring's rain.

                                                                                          -Among artist's notes-

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